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I am a mom of four young girls. I love to run and be active. In March of 2007 I tested positive for BRCA1, a known breast and ovarian cancer causing gene. I met with genetic counselors and was given the advice to have an elective mastectomy and oophorectomy to ensure my health. I knew that was the only way. We decided to have one more baby before the surgeries. We had twin girls in October 2008. I had many sleepless nights just waiting and wondering when the cancer would strike. In May 2009, after reading about a whole foods plant-based diet, ("The China Study" and "Eat to Live"). I decided I will not have the elective surgeries. For now, I will use nutrition as my drug of choice. It's empowering to have this knowledge, and to be in charge of my family's health! I am so excited to learn more and share with you!.

(Newbie and my whole food hottie!)




WELCOME and CONGRATULATIONS! You have decided to start a journey that will change your life forever. I applaud you!  There are so many great things to learn and we are all here to help you on your journey.


 I know that these first few weeks can be some of the toughest, I have put together a quick list tips to help you! These are tips I often refer back to that help me stay in the game! 


READ! Get your hands on some good books! There are many great resources out there. We LOVE  Dr Joel Fuhrmans, “Disease Proof your Child” and “Eat to Live”“The China Study”by T Colin Campbell saved my life.. literally! We love that man at our house! Use great resources like our BLOG and others that we have listed on our home page. There are a lot of like-minded individuals out there. Find them. Come back often for support!


DO NOT LET YOURSELF GET OVERWHELMED with the idea that there is nothing I can eat! There are so many delicious healthy foods out there. Start by just adding a new veggie or fruit to your plate a week or every day if you are feeling adventurous! Next make the veggies bigger portioned. Allow your children to get use to these new foods one or two at a time. The last thing we want to do is overwhelm them which can push them away and cause them to resist.


PICK A FEW RECIPES that you are willing to try and go shopping! I took on a Joel Fuhrman recipe and ended up going to three different stores making a gourmet dinner that we all choked down. (sorry Dr F) We were too new to this diet, it took several hours to cook, and then no one liked it! That could’ve taken me down, but my husband was super supportive and he helped me stick to it. I know that some of you out there will have limited support, so I suggest taking on simple recipes for your first endeavors. Here are some FABULOUS examples: 

Black bean lettuce wraps

Anytime bean dip dinner

Veggie quinoa surprise

Find a green smoothie recipe that works for you, we have several on our site, here is our basic recipe:

Green Smoothie


TAKE TIME TO TEACH YOUR KIDS why and how these new foods are helping their bodies function better. Explain the benefits to them. They will start to notice and feel the changes in their own bodies with your help. Allowing them to be part of the process makes them feel important and not forced into something by MOM (or Dad)! Let them pick the veggie for the night, take them to the store and show them the variety in the produce section. If they are old enough, let them help you chop and cook! The more they take ownership of the meal, the more likely they are to eat it!


-DO NOT GIVE UP!  We have all been there and we know that it can be a battle on the home front when the steamed veggies hit the table. Be patient with those cute kiddies. We are doing it for them. We are here to help and encourage you along your journey!


Happy veggie Hunting!
~ Newbie 




    • Roasted Butternut Squash Soup

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    •  9/16/2014 9:43:36 PM
    •  This is by far my favorite fall soup. It is so simple, so delicious, and my kids all like it! I have been waiting for the weather to cool off enough here in Texas to make soup. We finally got rain, " a cold front" someone called it. It got down to almost 60 degrees for a day (we are back up in the 90's already). So I had to act fast and make this soup. Luckily most ingredients are usually on hand. Just had to pick up the squash!

      Soup is one my favorite ways to load in a bunch a veggies, second to green smoothies, of course!


      If you have ever been intimidated by fancy soups look no further than this no fail, make your house smell like heaven, simple to create recipe! 


      Roasted Butternut Squash Soup





      1 Butternut Squash

      1 Large Yellow Onion

      1 TBSP Olive Oil

      1 Head of Garlic (the entire head)

      3 Celery Stalks, chopped

      2 Medium sized Red Potatoes, chopped

      6-8 Large Carrots, chopped

      3 Cup Water (approx)*

      2 Heaping TBSP Better than Bullion "No-Chicken Base"*

      *Option to use 4 cups Veggie Broth in place of the water if you do not have access to the bullion. 



      Roasting the veggies:


      Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Line baking sheet with parchment paper. Cut Butternut Squash in half lengthwise, leaving the seeds in for now. Place facing up seeds exposed on the baking sheet. Quarter the onion and separate the pieces. Spread evenly on baking sheet. Drizzle both the squash and onions with olive oil. Cut the top off of the head of garlic so the top of the cloves are exposed. Wrap the garlic in foil and place on the pan. . Place in oven for about an hour or until the squash is soft. The onions will blacken on the edges and your house should smell pretty amazing. Remove and allow to cool while working on the next step.



      Creating the soup:


      Place the carrots, celery, and red potatoes in a large pot and cover with water (about 3 cups). Bring to a boil and allow it simmer for about 15 minutes or until the carrots and potatoes are soft. The roasted veggies should be cool enough by now. Scoop the seeds out of the squash. Then scoop the squash out of the skin and into the soup. It should come out fairly easy. Add the onions and garlic to the soup as well. Add garlic by squeezing from the bottom directly into the pot. It should also come out pretty easy and smell so nice! Add the bullion and stir all the veggie together, to mix the bullion evenly.  If you have an immersion hand held blender then use that to blend the soup until its thick and creamy. Otherwise, scoop the soup into a food processor or a high powered blender and blend until smooth. Returning it to the pot to keep warm, serve immediately. 



      It's her favorite soup, she begged for a photo with it!








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