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PROFILE even have the word "maintenance" in any way associated with my name is still somewhat surreal. Inside of me I have grown so accustomed to being "weight-loss mommy" that it is going to take some time to appreciate that I am FINALLY in maintenance mode. Hooray, hooray!! My journey definitely began as a crusade to lose weight (something I have struggled with since I was 13 and my mom told me I needed to start watching what I ate). It wasn't until I firmly rooted myself in the desire for HEALTH and not WEIGHT that I finally achieved my goal. It was a much different journey than I thought and I was infuriated that the knowledge and information I needed had eluded me for so long. All I want now is to share it with the WORLD!!


Welcome Maintenance Mommies!
You’re ready to take your family's nutrition to the NEXT LEVEL!!! You have gone through the NEWBIE phase and feel confident for more. You have opened your kitchen doors to vegetarian cooking and your children are adapting well. You have taken on the CHALLENGE of limiting dairy and processed foods in your home and have been reaping the benefits. You consider yourself open to new ideas about nutrition and are finding the information that works for you & your family. People around you are noticing your healthy changes and may start asking for advice. BE CONFIDENT in what you have accomplished and keep moving forward on your journey of health. You know nutrition and LOVE feeding your families healthy home cooked meals.



You might be a “maintenance mommy” when:

1 - Your kids beg to taste the white stuff kids at school call "Wonderbread"


2 - You now look at nutritional labels before you look at the price!!!


3 - When your children  ask "What's for dinner?", they're really wondering how you will be disguising the vegetables (ie. lasagna, stir-fry, burrito etc.)


4 - Your night stand novels have been replaced by Health Books and Vegetarian cookbooks (which, let's be honest, you enjoy reading as much as a romance novel :)


5-  Meat is not the STAR of  your weekly dinners (but still might make a guest appearance) and you've finally tried one recipe with tofu.


6 - The members of your family actually have a "favorite" plant milk - soy, rice, almond, or even hemp (my kids love Vanilla Almond Milk...mmmmm)


7 - You're familiar with the  vegetarian options at most of your local restaurants, and your friends have said "Let's go somewhere that you can eat!" (keep close to those kinds of friends:)


8 - When your kids ask what they can have for a snack you respond, "Anything you long as it's a fruit or a vegetable!" (and you know there's plenty to choose from)


9 - When ordering a  salad you've been heard to say, "No cheese, no croutons, and dressing on the side please!"


10 - Beans are no longer the "musical fruit" in your house (since your bodies are well acquainted with them and have adapted wonderfully)

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